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What BBD Means to You 💖

Team BBD

Posted on April 19 2018

Hello again lovelies! It's been a hectic few months for us here at BBD as we launched our first two batches of our Raya collection and we are gearing up to launch our next one real soon. BBD is all about fun designs of swirls, ruffles, lace and tutus and our Raya collection is no different. The other day when I had my first five minutes of free time, I sat down and thought about how blessed we at BBD have been over the past year.

We couldn’t have done it without the support we have received from all of you beautiful mommies. We love getting your feedback and are so happy that our dresses make your precious girls feel gorgeous and like a queen. We often hear that your little princess looks so cute and sweet in her BBD outfit; and that the joy both of you get from that piece of clothing goes a long way to creating memories for you. Believe it or not, every single word of encouragement you gave us has shaped us into what we are today - a homegrown Malaysian label featuring ready-to-wear and custom designs for petite fashionistas.

To us, BBD was always supposed to evoke fairytale emotions filled with glee; our dresses should make the wearer feel like Cinderella. For that reason, the highest praise we get is when a little girl wearing our clothes says that all that’s missing is a tiara;  her mom adores our designs and says that we made her little girl even more ‘comel’, runway ready and the true ‘belle’ of the ball!

So thank you again mommies, from the bottom of my heart. We are so glad our clothes bring you so much happiness since that’s the inspiration for all our designs.


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