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Creating Joy, Glee & Memories between Mother and Daughter

Team BBD

Posted on February 27 2018

How many of us have started a sentence with “When I was a little girl…” or “When I was younger…” and then launched into a story of our childhood escapades? We all love to reminisce about those carefree days and can even be wistful when thinking about those times.

Memories of our childhood evoke ‘happy-go-lucky’ days, innocent glee, playtime with friends, cool toys and lots of fun and joy. When we become mothers, there is something extra nostalgic about reliving childhood memories because we now see the world through the eyes of our kids as well.

Have you ever had a favourite doll as a child? Maybe there was that one doll you always wanted but never had. When you become a Mom and you see a similar doll, you may feel the urge to buy it. You convince yourself that it’s for your daughter, but let’s face it, it’s actually for you! It’s for you because you get to enjoy seeing yourself in their emotions and reactions and you can relive their joy at getting a new doll.

Many of us can also recall the unabashed glee we felt when our parents would pick us up and spin us in the air until we got so dizzy we felt the whole world was spinning around as well. So we do the same with our children and play these same sweet little games just to see them express the same wide-eyed wonder that we once did.

Our childhood clothes bring back lots of memories too. Lots of little girls love to pretend to be princesses and having a daughter will bring back these feelings. Undoubtedly many moms dress up their daughters in tutus and frilly dresses perhaps because they were lucky enough to own one themselves when they were younger and those dresses are attached to many fond memories. As a mom, you would want your daughter to experience the happiness and live out the princess fantasy -just like you once did.

No matter the reason, there is no age restriction on loving to do what makes you happy. Pretty soon our girls will grow up and we will be left thinking “Where did the time go?”. So even though life is moving at an extra fast pace these days, slow down, take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood with your beautiful daughter doing what makes you both happy. This is what Belle Babies is about - Strengthening the Mother-Daughter bond while creating Joy, Glee and Memories together.


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