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2018 Raya Trends

Team BBD

Posted on May 30 2018

Hello lovelies! First of all, I just want to say how truly honoured and humbled I am at the overwhelming response BBD got when we launched our first Raya collection. It was so awesome to see that the designs were very well received. Some of the styles sold out very quickly but I would like to reassure all of you that we still have other collections to launch for Raya 2018 so fret not! There’s lots more designs for you to choose for your darling princesses.

Who says Raya outfits have to be plain? Why not dress up your little princess in an outfit truly made for royalty. Whenever I design a collection, I always go back to what I know best and that is my daughter. For this year, I see certain themes emerging; particularly focusing on elegant and exclusive designs. This means you can expect more ruffles, frills, bows and even colourful prints.

Some years see a specific colour trend emerge though I feel that 2018 will see both pastels and bold colours play a part in children’s Raya outfits. Baby pink, mint, champagne, lilac and baby blue are some of the pastels expected to be huge hits with the kids as are other bolder colours like maroon, midnight blue, mustard and deep purple.

There will never be a shortage of design styles for this Raya as I foresee more options for young girls. Whereas previously there were more simple or traditional kurung styles, this year there will be a variety of styles including bubble peplums, organza ruffles, short-top kebayas, three-tier frilly kurungs and even kurta Baju Melayu. Basically there will be something for everyone. Keeping in mind that designs for kids must allow for movement and comfort, there will be better positioned slits, removable / adjustable sleeves or skirts and lightweight fabric.

So be prepared for an abundance of choice this coming Raya as designers look to cater to a wider audience. After all, Raya is one full month so more designs = more OOTD’s!






  • Mieza: August 31, 2018

    Macam mane sy bole cek ukuran bj kurung tutu ye?

  • Rahimah: June 06, 2018

    tarikh2 pd makluman pihak bbd mengelirukan.. sepatutnya 6 Jun.. bukan May..

  • Rahimah Yahya: June 06, 2018

    saya terbeli secara online dan tak tahu perlu pickup sendiri.. saya dr kedah dan tak mungkin pickup sendiri.. boleh pihak bbd pos kpd saya lambat pun takpa .. tq

  • Elly: June 05, 2018

    So sad….xdpt satu pun colection dr bbd… atau ada yg available x tuk unur 6thn dan 8thn…plssss

  • Fiza: May 30, 2018

    Tahun ni puas hati sebab dapat dua baju BBD! Paling puas bila dapat beli navy blue yg baru restock tu! Fuhhh! Mencabar betul tunggu depan jam tadi (macam tunggu waktu berbuka, okayyyy)…Berbaloi-baloi!

  • Sha: May 30, 2018

    Sy still xdpt bli koleksi raya BBD utk 2 princess sy 😭 after raya boleh ke Klau sy minta BBD custome made utk 2 princess sy?

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